A Quilting We Will Go…

I was in Camrose this weekend for Erin’s stagette, and because Rocky wanted to go to Stettler, I had all day Saturday to do as I pleased… and so I took some quilting classes from my mom, one on free motion fills and one on mctavishing. I learned a lot and got inspired to do more quilting.

These are the samples that I made:

So by this point I was totally stoked to keep quilting, and so when I got home I decided to quilt my sisters Yellow Brick Road Quilt, out of the Designer Bags line.
And while it turned out OK- the picture doesn’t show the quilting real well, it was OK. nothing special, but certainly OK. But I nearly went crazy as my machine is not working properly the tension kept going all wonky, and the thread broke every 2 minutes. But I finally got it finished… barely.
I was working on my tumbleweeds over the weekend too. I got it all cut out, and a few arcs pieced:
Personally, I think that it is going to look awesome, though I may be a little biased…
Anyways, later days. It is nearly Kathleen’s bed time. Or maybe some more arc piecing…

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