Spring has finally arrived!

I have finally almost managed to get back to my sewing machine. It has been turned on anyways. I made a quilt for my friend Nicole’s boyfriend to give to a baby a friend of his had, and it turned out pretty well– this is how it turned out….

Everything looks better when it is not lying on my floor. But it did turn out pretty well. Or at least, it did after I managed to get it square, which, the first time I tried to square it up, it ended up almost 2 inches out of square. But that got fixed, and It turned out delightfully.

This weekend I was home for easter, and on Monday my mom and I were playing with all sorts of stuff in the sewing room. We decided to do “arty” quilts, as we never really do that, as we are not “arty” people. What I discovered, is that while I had a ton of fun, my “quilt” looks like a grade 4 art project.

As you can probably see, I was having a lot of fun with tin foil. There is also couching, and buttons, and scrap booking supplies, and silk… I spent all morning making thread lace stuff with wash-away stabilizer, but in the end didn’t use it. Oops.

Anyways, I better get going before I miss my bus. Hopefully I’m not away from my sewing machine for too long!



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