Oh My Goodness

I may have been going a bit quilting crazy lately. But I have been having a good time. 

My mom and I made this quilt on Sunday afternoon, as a store sample. I love the grey soo much, and the Valori Wells fabric! I have been wanting to use grey as a background for a while, and this was the perfect quilt for it!

These are two quilts from the same Blue Underground Studios pattern, both out of solids. The colours look much better in real life, much more vibrant. Plus, particularly in the red/orange/yellow colour way the colours blend a little better .
Another Blue Underground Studio’s quilt, out of a fabric line that mom brought back for me from Quilt Market.
The kit that we won for the Wedding Dress Quilt in Red Deer. I changed the setting from the one in the pattern, and didn’t add a border, and I am really happy with how it turned out.
Last but not least, a Valori Wells fanel quilt. 
Anyways, I’d say more, but I’d rather go quilt!
Later days!

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