Swooning some More…

New blog! I’m going to try to step up my blogging over the next couple months. Something to do with my current life plan. I usually give these things up though, so we’ll see what happens.

My swoon is coming along beautifully though. I got my quilt top together, and have started quilting it! Here are all the blocks:

Then it was the quilting… I spent many hours figuring out what to do…

I practiced my quilting on paper towels, which worked out really well! Then the actual quilting…

I’m fairly certain that it is going to take me about… forever… to get this quilted, but these things happen. It means that I won’t need to buy more fabric. Just more and more thread.

This hasn’t been all I’ve worked on though… I also made a star out of the scraps…

Not only all of this, but tomorrow is my Introduction to free motion quilting class! I spent the day working on my handout. It is all very exciting. And frightening… hopefully it goes well… maybe I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow…

Later days,



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