Swoon Quilt Finally Finished!


Swoon Quilt!

My Swoon quilt is finally finished! It only took a little over a year, 2 countries, and a lot of time spent in a suitcase. It’s a little dirty, even after being washed, but I’m still super crazy happy with it. Though it is so big that I have nowhere to put it, so it is folded up on a shelf in my living room. The quilting on it looks amazing! It took me so long, but in the end was (probably) worth it.



The back even looks awesome. You can see the quilting really well on the back too.

Swoon Back Quilting Close Up

Swoon Back Quilting Close Up

I’m not certain that I will ever quilt a quilt that big that densely again. Pebbling takes FOREVER! Particularly on a domestic machine. Luckily, I got smart and did the last 3 blocks on the long arm.

Swoon Quilt On Longarm

Unfortunately we only have the longarm at work set up to half size, so it took some pretty impressive work to get it on the frame– I had to load it twice, once for each side. But I was pretty impressed by how well it worked. I’ll definitely be double-loading again on big quilts.

Ever since QuiltCon (and even before that really… probably since I did all that Free Motion Quilting for Karin’s Sew Simple Pinwheels book) I have been going free-motion crazy. All I want to do is free motion quilt things. Luckly, I have a giant stack of quilts waiting to be quilted. Unfortunately, we are waiting for a new bobbin case, though I did get shipping notification on it, so it should be here next week! So I’ll be back in business.

So that’s my Swoon quilt! I also made some portholes pillows last fall, so I thought that I would add the pictures of them while I was posting.

Portholes Pillows

Portholes Pillows

Anyways, back to work for me.

Later days.





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