Mirror Balls Dot Quilt #1

I got to spend most of the day quilting on the P3 today. It was very exciting for me. I haven’t been able to quilt on it much since I got home from Orlando.

I finished my mirror balls quilt yesterday. It ended up being a lot smaller than I had originally planned, but I got bored, and decided that I really wanted to quilt it with “inn-r-foam” batting, and so I made it only as big as the batting packages we had. It turned out really well though. I was pretty happy with it.

Mirror Balls Quilt

It turned out so well! I love the batting– it makes the quilt a bit stiffer than normal batting, but really shows off the quilting.

Quilting Close Up # 1

Quilting Close Up #2

The other thing I did today was quilt the sign Rocky embroidered for above the entrance to the basement at the store.

Rocky’s Sign

Anyways, later days!





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