Colour-Me-Ruption Quilt Top

Having a regular day off really makes life fantastic. I actually get things done. I’m a big fan. I made got my Colour-Me-Ruption quilt top done. It turned out even better than I expected!

Colour-Me-Ruption Quilt Top

Colour-Me-Ruption Quilt Top


This would be the 3rd quilt from “color, block & quilt” (by Emily Cier of Carolina Patchworks) that I have made. I love love love that book. It’s ridiculous. I somehow missed taking a picture of the 2nd one, but I’ll get one once it is quilted.

Some block close ups-

Block Close Up 2

I finished the quilting on my Marcelle Medallion as well, though I have no pictures. After the binding I’ll get one. It turned out pretty good. The best part was the large white borders– I had super awesome feathers in it.



Anyways, that’s about it for me. Today has been a day. Time for a nap I’m thinking.

Later days.




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