#Tula100 & Marcelle Medallion Quilted!

I’ve been quilting like a crazy person recently. Rocky went to Calgary for service training so I was left to my own devices, and as such stayed at work until 10:30 on Tuesday night, got to work at 8:00 Wednesday morning, and stayed until 8:30 Wednesday night (when Rocky got home). As such, I have gotten lots of quilting done ūüėÄ I got Rocky’s embroidered quilt done, though don’t have pictures of it. I was¬†particularly¬†happy with the borders, the rest was OK, though nothing special. Of course, without pictures, you can’t really care.

The first one I did was my Marcelle Medallion-

Marcelle Medallion

Best of all, IT LIES FLAT!!! This is very exciting. It did not do that before. Do to shoddy workmanship. But you can’t tell as much any more. I think the white borders turned out crazy fantastic. They might be the best quilting that I have ever ever ever done. The rest of the quilting I think is fin, but just doesn’t live up to the high standards of the borders.

Quilting Close Up


Border Close Up

Artsy Photo – Marcelle Medallion

Marcelle Medallion


I also got my #Tula100/#Tula70 quilt finished. Which I did not ruin by quilting. Which I always like.

Tula 100

I know. Right? Super fantastic or what. I¬†actually¬†marked two spots — the quilted in block and the¬†explode-y triangles. Which is the first time I have ever marked quilting.

Feather Close Up


Blocks Close Up

Negative Space


Camera Fun


In general I think things turned out rather fantastically. I’m¬†definitely¬†making headway on my giant stack. Which now is getting some store samples added to it as well. Fun times indeed.

Later days,





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