Look, quilts!

Apparently is has been more than a month since my last post. Not entirely sure how that happened.

First up…

Denyse Schmidt X & + Quilt

Denyse Schmidt X & + Quilt

My X & + quilt! Which I love. And was not nearly as difficult as I had feared.  I guess that I helps that I didn’t work on it all in a row. But in general it went together without much difficulty, and my corners match surprisingly well. Not perfect, but for me, quite nicely.

Denyse Schmidt X & + Quilt Close Up

Denyse Schmidt X & + Quilt Close Up

I quilted it during our Demo Days (at The Sewing Center) using the AccuQuilt on the Janome Horizion MemoryCraft 15000. Which actually worked very nicely. I was quite excited about it. All the quilting was done by embroidery, not by free motion. I am a terrible stippler, so had I attempted stippling this quilt, it would not have looked so nicely.

Scrappy Trip Along

Scrappy Trip Along


I’ve been a bit under-inspired recently. I’m not sure why. There has been lots of embroidery I have wanted to do, but as far as straight quilting not so much. I have cut my scraps for a trippy scrap around the world quilt for the past few months, so I dug into them and made this quilt. I think it is the first full-out scrappy quilt I’ve made. It was actually a lot of fun to see all the different colour combinations in each block — it re-inspired me a bit.

Scrappy Trip Along Close Up

Scrappy Trip Along Close Up

Quilted on my P3, a pretty simple and fast design, which I’m actually pretty happy with. And variegated thread, which I haven’t used since I’ve been back from England.

Rock 'n Romance Modern Wedding Ring

Rock ‘n Romance Modern Wedding Ring

I finally got binding on my Modern Wedding Ring. I made it using Quiltworx / Creative Grids Double wedding ring templates, with no real plan as to what I was going to do– I just started cutting out pieces and this is where it went.

Rock 'n Romance Modern Wedding Ring - Quilting Close Up

Rock ‘n Romance Modern Wedding Ring – Quilting Close Up

I was particularly happy with the quilting on this one — a whole lot of feathers, which I love quilting, so it was a lot of fun, and turned out fantastic.

Janome MC 15000 Sample

Janome MC 15000 Sample

The last one… I worked on this weekend, a sample for our 15000 launch on Thursday– embroidered on the 15000, some AccuQuilt quilting, and some free motion quilting (on a home sewing machine — it’s been a while since I quilted on something besides the P3)

Suddenly I don’t feel so un-productive. I think now I will go have a nap.

Later days!



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