Coming Soon…

I’m pretty excited about two upcoming projects of mine…

First up…

Marigold Eyes

Marigold Eyes

First up… a pattern called Marigold eyes… the quilt is done, and going on the frame tomorrow (hopefully). Then I’ll be able to take a better picture for the cover… the directions are written (and double-triple-quadruple checked) so I just need to finalize the cover… hopefully there will be a pattern by early next week. I’m pretty excited about it! Hopefully you are too!

Next up…

Vicki's Socks

Vicki’s Socks

Then… a strip of the month quilt! Or well, I think it will end up being a strip of the week quilt… but you get the idea. Each week check back for the next strip’s instructions! I’m working on the quilt at the moment (and it’s looking fabulous!) And hoping to be able to start about the beginning of April, Easter at the latest. 

I’m very excited about this whole process. As I think I’ve said… anyways, back to work for me…

Later days!



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