Marigold Eyes

Thats right peeps, I have an actual pattern on Craftsy! I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. Which is surprising, I’m sure 😀

Marigold Eyes

Marigold Eyes

This quilt was actually surprisingly fun to make. I was quite worried that all those half square triangles would make it nearly impossible, and certainly deathly, but in the end it wasn’t! I tried a new method for half square triangles, and I didn’t end up even trimming them after they were made — which is the one step that I don’t usually skip. So the quilt actually went together fairly easily.

Close Up

Close Up

It has skulls quilted all over it, which I am pretty excited about. My P3 and Quilt Artist is working again, so it was robot quilted — so easy for me, plus really cool 😀

Closer Up

Closer Up

I watched a lot of New Girl while  making this quilt, and so now when I look at this quilt I start picturing New Girl characters. Especially Schmidt. For some reason. Not sure why.

Anyways, hope you like my pattern!

Later Days,



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