Vicki’s Socks — still coming soon.

My Vicki’s Socks quilt is done! At last. I’m pretty excited about it actually…

Finished Quilt -- or, almost

Finished Quilt — or, almost


Well, it is almost done anyway… the binding is still left to do, though (the lovely) Trudy volunteered to put the binding on so I can work on the pattern all day tomorrow and hopefully have it ready to go by Red Deer quilt show. I also have a giant stack of quilt tops to be quilted by then, so should be a delightfully  busy week. But a good one.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the quilting…

Quilting Sneak Peek

Quilting Sneak Peek


I’ll post more when I have it properly photographed… don’t expect to much until after the show– so hopefully this time next week.

I also played with some different colour combinations for this quilt



Colour Way 1

Colour Way 1

Colour Way 2

Colour Way 2

Colour Way 3

Colour Way 3


Anyways, I’m hoping to have printed copies of the pattern by Thursday morning, and digital copies by Sunday or Monday next week… so keep a look out. It’s some pretty exciting times. For me anyways.

Until then,

Later days!



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