Vicki’s Socks– An Introduction

Look at that, I’m ahead of schedule. Which is fairly surprising. Thanks to Trudy getting the binding done on Vicki’s socks in record time, the pattern is ready to go! Covers are at the printers, the full quilt version is available on Craftsy, and, now, the strip of the month version is ready to go!

Vickis Socks

So here is the deal — if you absolutely cannot wait, the full version of the quilt is available digitally on Craftsy, or by hard copy at Quilting From The Heart. If you can wait, the Strip of the Month quilt will be available here on my blog!  So exciting.

The Strip of the Month works as follows: the files will be available FREE for one year, ending one month after the final month is posted. However, I did put a lot of work into this pattern, so I have also included a “Subscribe” button, which will charge $1 a month for a year, and at the end of the year a PDF of the entire quilt will be emailed to you so you don’t have to worry about the files being deleted. Subscribers will also receive the “Kathleen’s Star” quilt pattern FREE.

UPDATE: April 14.

So, I have rethought the Strip of the Month plan… we took the Vicki’s Sock’s quilt to the Red Deer Quilt Show, and it sold (surprisingly) well. I’ve also had some inquiries about wholesaling to other stores, so I have decided NOT to offer it as a free strip quilt. However, the monthly subscription will still be an option, so subscribe away!

Kathleen's Star

Kathleen’s Star


So let’s get started! Click HERE for the introduction, including fabric requirements! Strip one will be posted May 1! Don’t forget to click the Subscribe button. Have fun! Don’t forget to tag any pictures with #kathleenquilts and #vickissocks.


Later days!



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