Still Sewing…

I’m making an effort to post not only about when I finish quilts — or rather, only post when it is nice enough outside for me to go take pictures of my finished quilts… which leads to infrequent blog posts with multiple quilts in them all– but rather to post in-progress quilts as well.

I will say things are a bit nuts at the moment — not only am I working on a million projects, I have a million more projects in my head, plus… gah. I’m won’t lie, I’m going a bit crazy a the moment. But onwards…

I’m working on the quilt for my next pattern — Hello My Friend — and so far so good…

Hello My Friend

Hello My Friend


It’s a little slow going– mostly because I’m working on a million things at once– but as I go it’s getting quicker, and the blocks are turning out better. So that’s good.

I’m also working on my Jacobean Journey Sample…

Jacobean Journey

Jacobean Journey

This is an embroidered quilt… I’ve got the center all finished, and I’m working on the borders (with the help of TSC staff on the borders). Oooh, plus, I just noticed you can see my fantastic new green purse in that picture :D.

Last week on Thursday and Friday mom and I took longarm quilting classes from Judi Madsen ( at Sparrow Studios, which was TOTALLY AWESOME! We had so much fun and got a lot of great ideas. It also made we want a new longarm…. a girl can dream….

Anyways, since getting home I’ve been working on quilting my Peaks and Valley’s quilt…

Peaks and Valleys Block

Peaks and Valleys Block

Peaks and Valleys Machine

Peaks and Valleys Machine

Peaks and Valleys On Frame

Peaks and Valleys On Frame

I won’t lie to you… I think it’s turning out crazy awesome. It is taking forever… I’m about 10 hours in, and 1/3 done, but I’m having so much fun… which would be why I was at work on BOTH my day’s off this week…

I did sleep about 15 hours last night though… I accidentally fell asleep at about 7 last night…

Anyways, later days!

Kathleen 😀


7 responses to “Still Sewing…

      • Nice machine!!! I have a Pfaff serger that was handed down to me but haven’t tried to tackle it yet. What do you use your serger on? (PS can’t wait to see the finished project. I would love to try the pattern myself!!)

  1. Hi Kathleen,
    I love your Jacobean Journey quilt the colors are stunning ! Would love to do this Hoop Sisters in those colors do you sell the kits for this or know who does ?. Thanks connie

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