Indelible Park Bench Quilt

Anyone who knows me (or at least, anyone who knows me AND quilts) knows that I’m completely obsessed with Art Gallery Fabrics. Like, completely obsessed. So I spend a great deal of time looking at all the fabric on their website. Days they announce new fabric lines are basically Christmas to me. So when I went to market, I had a pretty good idea of which fabrics I wanted to get from them, and went to Sample Spree (a chance to buy all sorts of great fabrics and other things in small pieces at Quilt Market) with what I thought a pretty complete shopping list.

Of course, then I saw the fabrics, and my shopping list was out the window. I ended up buying almost nothing off my shopping list, but rather all sorts of other good things.

Indelible was one of the fabric lines NOT on my list. But then I saw the fabric and fell completely in love. And HAD to have it. And so I did, and now I have this quilt made from it:

Indelible Park Bench Quilt

Indelible Park Bench Quilt


Which turned out crazy awesome, if I don’t say so myself.

Some more close up pictures of the quilting.

Quilting Close Up

Quilting Close Up

More Quilting

More Quilting

What Can I Say, I Really Love The Quilting

What Can I Say, I Really Love The Quilting

So that’s my quilt! I’m SOOOO happy with it!

I was asked to make my Vicki’s Socks and Marigold Eye’s out of Cantik Batik’s for Contemporary Fabrics. I’m making new pattern covers for them, and then the patterns and quilts will be shown at Bernina University, and then distributed through Brewer. So that pretty crazy exciting for me, though I think my mom is even more excited than I am. One of her friends told me she thought I must be pregnant due to the amount of excitement mom had when saying that I had gotten “big news.”

Anyways,  later days!



16 responses to “Indelible Park Bench Quilt

  1. Gorgeous quilt and quilting – so stunning. I’m in love with Art Gallery fabrics too. I can’t wait for Indelible to be released. I think this year of fabric may send me to the poor house though – I want it all.

  2. This quilt- ( like all the quilts you made with Art Gallery fabrics;) is just breathtaking !!!
    I feel so blessed that you have chosen my line to play with and I think that I have snapped a partial picture of you holding my fabrics (among the others) during the Sample Spree (but maybe I am wrong):
    Quilt Market Pittsburgh 2014
    Also, I will be doing the blog hop with Indelible, so would you be interested to be included in it with this quilt? Thank you so much 🙂

  3. This quilt is incredible. Absolutely amazing! The colors are lovely, and the quilting…OMG. I may have swooned a little! 🙂

  4. I love this quilt! The gray sets the colors off perfectly and the quilting is drool-worthy! LOVE!

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