New Quilting Machine and Some Finished Quilts

Rocky finally caved and let me get a long arm. The only room in our house big enough to fit it is our living room, so to be fair, it was a pretty big cave. But I am so excited about it. Of course, our living room shrunk quite a bit, but considering we’ve lived in our house for almost 2 years, and have spent any time in our living room about 3 times, we weren’t using it that much anyway.

My living room now

My living room now

So now this is what our living room looks like. We used to have a large sectional in there, but the real reason why Rocky caved was because I told him if I got a long arm, that couch wouldn’t fit in the living room any more, so we would have to put the good couch in his man cave, and the futon in our living room. Which does make a lot of sense, as he spends a lot more time in his man cave than we do in the living room. So we might as well put the good couch in a room that actually gets used.

Long Arm Space

Long Arm Space

Long Arm Space

Long Arm Space

So this is the space where I long arm now. It’s a bit strange still, not being in my sewing room. I put some binding on a quilt in my sewing room yesterday, and was like “awe, I missed it in here”. Perhaps the weirdest thing is the different (much better) view. Rather than a bush and the neighbours car port.

The view looking away from the long arm

The view looking away from the long arm

I got the same long arm as I have been using at work, so the learning curve has been… basically non-existent. Only this one doesn’t have the robot on it, so it is much lighter. Which I hadn’t thought about, but which I like quite a lot. \

My Baby

My Baby


I took a picture of the first quilt I finished, but suddenly realised that it apparently isn’t on my computer, and of course I forgot my camera at work. So I guess… stay tuned for that one.

What I'm Working On Now

What I’m Working On Now

So this is what I’m working on at the moment. It’s a quilt dad made. I’m having a lot of fun.

Dad's Quilt

Dad’s Quilt

The one thing about having a long arm at home, is it means I long arm at home, rather than at work, so I’m getting so much work done. It’s crazy :D. So probably for the best there really.

Anyways, I think I’m heading to our staff retreat tomorrow, bur first supper 😀

Later days,




4 responses to “New Quilting Machine and Some Finished Quilts

  1. thank you so much for posting all your pictures of quilts and all. I find it so inspiring, I laugh because my living room used to be an interior decorator’s dream and now the floor is bare of the beautiful wool rug and has 335 15 litre bins of fabric in it.

  2. Ooh! Lucky you! Mind you, it will get lots of use on your amazing quilts! It would be difficult to have one here, (I live in Ipswich now) – it might fit into my sitting room, but Milly and her boyfriend are usually in there! I am loving your blog, and seeing what you have been doing!

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