What I’m Working On Now — or, What I’m Not Working On Now



I haven’t been doing much of anything recently, besides… nothing. Playing some computer games, watching TV, having naps, that kind of thing. This quilt has been on my frame for almost 3 weeks. I haven’t even touched it in a week. My house has been procrastination central .

P1030703 P1030700

I’m not really sure why I haven’t been doing anything — the quilt is turning out well, and going reasonably quickly. I just have been extra lazy recently I guess.

I did go to my grandparents last weekend with my mom for 3 days of 3 generation sewing. I did manage to be fairly productive for the first half of that trip.



I started by making Sew Kind Of Wonderful’s Metro Ring’s pattern — which went together so well. But then I chopped it up to make this quilt.


Which is from Emily Cier’s book “Colour, Block, Quilt” which if it is not my favourite quilt book ever, is certainly in the running. I love it so much.

It’s a quilt for a friend who is getting married next summer. I thought that I’d get to work on it now, while I don’t have much else going on, rather than rushing on it next spring. I’m pretty proud actually of my thinking-ahead-ness.

It’s king sized though, so I was glad to be at Granny’s making it, as at home, I would have no where big enough to lay it out. She also has a king sized bed that I could lay it on to see what it looked like…


It’s not the best picture, but the quilt looked so good, I’m going to make Debbie get a white headboard and paint her room grey just to go with this quilt. I’m telling you.

Anyways, that’s about it for me.

Later days,




8 responses to “What I’m Working On Now — or, What I’m Not Working On Now

  1. The quilting on the applique quilt is awesome! I’m going through the quilting funk too. . . not sure what it is about but I’m not feeling it. . . Anyway, your new quilt top – freaking spectacular!! I agree with Yvonne, while she is on her honeymoon maybe you can hire someone to do a little redecorating 😉 haha

  2. your work is so stunning, where do you live, I could do all your housework , yard work, etc in exchange for quilting lol

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