Free Motion Friday – Karen’s Quilt



Karen sent this stunning quilt:

Karen's Quilt

Karen’s Quilt

I have some mad love for this quilt. I got very excited when it showed up in my email. (What’s that? You want to make my day to? Email your quilt top to kathleen(at)

Karen says:

   I am a new subscriber to your blog. I love your Freemotion Friday feature. I am sending in a picture of my Star Surround quilt. The pattern is from Melissa Corry at It is 96×96 inches. I love the yellow and gray colorway, but I am now stuck when I think about quilting it. What color thread would you use? I would love to see how you would quilt this one.

So here we go!


I started by adding some straight lines in the negative space to emphasize a square there. I’d put the first line 1/2 inch from the black line, and the next 1/4 in from that.


You can see nothing of what is happening in that picture. You might have noticed. So we’ll zoom in on that one area.


So, you can see the straight lines to make the on-point box from the first step. then I added lines to split the box into quarters, and filled two with a back and forth design, and two with ribbon candy. Then the center square, filled two quarters with back and forth, and two with a point-to-point.

In the smaller white on-point squares, i added some dot-to-dot with ribbon candy.



Next, the stars.


First, I added straight lines to the block emphasize the square shape.


Next up, I added a back and forth design to the triangles and the larger space on the white.


In the star itself, I alternated between pure ribbon candy, and a dot-to-dot diamond filled with ribbon candy. (Have I mentioned recently how much I LOVE ribbon candy?


Next up, on the black.


I’m not going to lie to you guys, I actually forgot the black. I got to the picture before this one and was like “look, I’m done”… then remembered the black.

Ok, so, more squares/straight lines in the black, filled with ribbon candy, and ribbon candy in the triangles.


So that’s Karen’s rather delightful quilt! Remember, if you want to let me play with your quilt, email a picture to kathleen(at)

Later days!


9 responses to “Free Motion Friday – Karen’s Quilt

  1. OMG, Kathleen. I am over the moon with your quilting ideas for this quilt. I will either have to really practice ribbon candy, which I am not very good at yet, or substitute that with figure 8 (I have also seen this called wishbone) which I am good at. I received the backing material in the mail yesterday, so I can¹t wait to get started on it. If only I didn¹t have to work for a living. It might actually be a while before I can spend time on it. Sigh. Thanks again for your great ideas. Karen

  2. Kathleen, In September I sent you a picture of my Star Surround quilt. You drew up a fantastic quilting design. I had the quilt on my frame all of November and December and finally finished it on January 2. I haven’t bound it yet. I have attached some photos of my work. I hope you will forgive a few changes I needed to make to the design. You are a much more skilled quilter than I am. You are the Ribbon Candy Queen. I can do ribbon candy in a straight line, but when it tapers and increases or turns a corner, my brain doesn’t know what to do. I did lots of frogging on this one (rip it, rip it). Thanks so much for your ideas. I hope you think my finished product was worthy of your time. Karen Maloley

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