Free Motion Friday — Diamonds!

Happy Friday!



Recently I have been completely obsessed with quilting diamonds into my quilts. The quilt I’ve been doing for Debbie has it on it —

IMG_0451Vicki’s nail polish quilt has it,


The Laundry Basket quilt has it:


And my Road Trip Quilt has it.

IMG_0459So pretty much, I’m completely obsessed.

And my favorite part, its actually really easy. A little time consuming, but not really even that bad. But it’s easy to make look nice, and makes you look like a crazy awesome quilter.


The first step is to mark your quilt area with diamonds. I have a 4″ by 14″ ruler with 30 degree and 60 degree markings, and use these to create 30 degree diamonds, 4 inches wide. Then stitch on these markings.

From here out I don’t mark the rest of the lines. The first few times I did these diamonds I marked all the lines, but I’m super lazy, so now I just use the lines on my longarm ruler.

When measuring the lines from here out, I measure from the diamond line rather than the last line I stitched so that if one of my lines ends up a little weird, the rest of them aren’t thrown off.


Next up I stitch 1/4″ inside the diamond, then stitch a circle about 1/2″ around.


Next, I stitch 1/2″ in from the last line, or 3/4″ from the outer diamond. diamonds4Then go in and fill the rest of the circles.


Next up I stitch 1/4″ in from the last line (1″ from the outer diamond) and then 1/2″ in from that line (1 1/2″ from the outer diamond)


Then fill the center with a back and forth line.

diamonds6Then repeat in all the diamonds 😀

Remember, if you have a quilt top you’re stumped with, email a picture to kathleen(at) and I’ll have fun drawing all over it! Or, tag it on instagram with #freemotionfriday!

Later days!


8 responses to “Free Motion Friday — Diamonds!

  1. DANG! Hats a lot of threads to bury! I’d have to find a way to connect all those lines without breaking thread! I HATE burying threads!p

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  5. Thank you so very much for the diamond tutorial. I’ve wanted to do a quilt with them for a long time. I haven’t because I didn’t want to take that much time marking a whole quilt.

    I understand how you did the stitching inside the diamonds. I’m a little confused about how you started the diamonds. Are you saying you only marked a couple of diamond shapes, stitched those lines, then used the stitched lines to make the rest of the diamonds on the rest of the quilt?

    What longarm ruler do you use?

    • I marked a diamond grid everywhere I wanted the diamonds, but didn’t mark the design inside the diamond. I use a straight ruler with a ¼ grid on it from gadget girls

      • Thank you, I understand it much better now. I have an older Gadget Girls ruler from their early days. The first one they sold. I guess its time I updated to a newer version.

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