Free Motion Friday – Tish’s Quilt



FRIDAY!!!! Happy Halloween! Today we have this lovely fall quilt from Tish.


I won’t lie to you, despite my 2 hour nap yesterday, I’m still completely exhausted. So my drawings aren’t the best. The idea’s are there, the drawings just aren’t perfect.


First, some dot-to-dot quilting in the center.


Then some diagonal lines in the corners. I’d do this in all 4 corners as shown here:


As well as I have added ribbon candy to every other row.


Here I have added some continuous curve to the squares throughout the quilt (though I have only drawn them in the top left corner. And they don’t show up that well.)


Next, I’ve added a fill to the area between the squares and the dot to dot quilting from the first step. I’ve shown it just as squiggles, but in real life I’d just do my favourite filler.


Next, I’ve done some dot to dot quilting in the center block

quilt7And then done a filler in the area around the block up to the dot to dot quilting. I would do a different fill than I did on the outside of the dot-to-dot to create a contrast between the two different areas.


Then, in the border (and this is where the drawing gets bad) I would continue the diagonal lines with ribbon candy, making it look as though they are extending out of the center. In the orange border I have  done ribbon candy all the way around. In the corner leaves I have done some dot to dot in the leaves (though only drawn on the top right leaf.

So that’s Trish’s quilt! Remember, if you want your quilt to be a part of Free Motion Friday, email a picture to kathleen (at), or tag it on instagram with #freemotionfriday.

Before I go though, Liz brought her quilt from the very first Free Motion Friday that she has quilted!

Photo 2014-10-10, 1 24 45 PM Photo 2014-10-10, 1 24 41 PM Photo 2014-10-10, 1 24 36 PM Photo 2014-10-10, 1 24 30 PM I think it turned out great!!

Later days!


4 responses to “Free Motion Friday – Tish’s Quilt

  1. OMG … I am just in awe of your design ideas. Thank you so much for being willing to share with those of us who are still trying to gain confidence!

  2. Thank you so much for the inspiration! I can’t wait to set down and start on this one! You have absolutely made my day!

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