Timber Quilt

Last week was our retreat — 4 days of sewing, with someone else to cook, clean… what more could a girl want? Especially when combined with 2 extra days off afterward to finish up projects and get some quilting done? WONDERFULNESS!

I took 4 projects to retreat, and planning to work on 3, plus one bonus quilt because I refuse to run out of things to do. Which has happened  to me. Retreat is the only time I let myself have multiple projects, so I decided to make the most of it.

The quilt I ended up working on most was the timber quilt. Which heading into retreat was the quilt I was least excited about, so it was a bit surprising to me.

Timber Quilt

Timber Quilt

But here it is! All finished, and even bound. I had a lot of fun quilting this one, quilting in all sorts of flying geese and triangles to add some extra texture.


This quilt ended up taking me way longer to quilt than expected, though mainly because I went a bit crazier with it than I anticipated.


It has minky on the back though, so it is SUPER cozy. I’m pretty happy about it.

P1030959Rocky had to go to Sedgewick to service the school machines there early this morning, so I actually work up at a reasonable time. So suddenly I have all day to be as productive or un-productive as I want. And so far, super productive — embroidery club sample almost finished, another store sample nearly finished, and quilt pictures taken! Now to see how long I can go until I need a nap 😀

Later days!



5 responses to “Timber Quilt

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  2. I am currently doing this pattern with Kona solids… I found your post while looking for pictures of the finished project. Been working on it for a few months now, so when I read your story of finishing it in FOUR DAYS, I thought ‘Oh my God, this girl is fast!!!’. Wonderful work!

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