Free Motion Friday — Flying Geese



Happy Friday!!

First up, I want to share the picture that Trish sent of her finished quilt. It turned out SOOOO good, and I am super happy for her.

tish's quilt

Isn’t it great?

Anyways, today, Flying Geese


I had so much fun quilting flying geese into my Timber Quilt, I’d thought I’d share the (Very Easy!) method for quilting these out.


Sadly, we do have to start with the marking. If the area I’m trying to work in is 3″ wide, it means I need to put a 1 1/2″ grid in the area, as above.


Next, we are going to quilt in the flying geese, drawing straight along the horizontal grid line, then going up and over to the point of the flying goose.


Then, fill in the background. I like to use a back and forth design, or a loop-de-loop. The important part is that it is something quite dense so that the unquilted geese really stand out.

Remember, if you’d like your quilt to be a part of free motion friday, email a picture to kathleen(at)

See you next week! Later days,



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