Gypsy Wife Quilt


I finally finished my Gypsy wife quilt. Which was on the frame for about 3 weeks I think. It only took me three evenings and an afternoon to actually quilt, but I had some machine issues, plus finished a bunch of quilt tops. I have 9 tops on my to-quilt list, which considering I was all caught up before retreat in November, it’s quite a list. But I’m trying not to stressed myself out about it, it’ll get done when it gets done.

Back to Gypsy Wife though…


I loaded this quilt, and then didn’t start actually quilting it for two days. I. The mean time I was staring getting at my Delectable, Indelible quilt, and decided that I should use the same background quilting on this quilt.



Once I actually got to work on it, with no marking no no thread changes, it went super fast. Next up, a quilt top by my sister! Back to work for me.

Later days,


15 responses to “Gypsy Wife Quilt

  1. I am working on a Gypsy Wife quilt. We meet once a month and hope to be finished in about 5 months. Love yours and will contact you about quilting mine.

  2. I just bought the pattern and was searching Pinterest for ideas on fabric selection…you quilt just blew me away. Thanks for posting this…inspirational!

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  4. Kathleen,, Your quilt and quilting is fabulous!! You mentioned that you only used one thread color,, what color please. I am almost finished my top of Gypsy Wife, and thinking of quilting ideas!!

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