Some quilts I finished in 2014. I’m missing two for sure that I can think of. Which, when I first saw the pictures, I thought “that’s all? really?” but then realized that was nearly 25 quilts, and decided that was a just fine number of quilts for a year. Especially when considering the 5 or 6 quilt tops that I haven’t managed to get quilted yet.  And all the 7 staple dresses, 5 tank dresses, 1 waterfall tank, 3 maritime shorts, 4 riding peplums, 1 Edelweiss bag, 4 pillows, quilting at least 2 of Rocky’s quilts, various projects for work… 17 days of snowboarding, 3 days in dinosaur provincial park, 8 days in Jasper/Wells Gray, 2 days hiking in banff, quilt market… and a bunch more. It’s been a great year 😀

Some quilty highlights:

– Instagram… I’ve gained nearly 1000 followers this year!

– Getting my very own longarm

– 2 days of classes with Judy Masden

– Being a part of the Indelible fabrics blog hop

– the beginning of Free Motion Friday

– writing 5 patterns (and publishing 4) (the 5th hopefully to come in 2015)

And some 2015 goals / exciting things …

– more custom quilting for people who aren’t me… and therefore pay better 😀

– get that 5th pattern published… and maybe a few more

– attending QuiltCon, quilting retreats, longarm classes with Claudia Pfiel in Edmonton,  market, Pfaff convention, and maybe more 😀

– and, knowing my life, a bunch more!

I can’t wait to share the next year with you! Until then,

Later days,




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