Free Motion Friday – Chelsey’s Quilt



Happy Friday Peeps! It’s been a while hasn’t it? I meant to post last week, but, then Sunday came and I realized I hadn’t. I blame being super sick on Friday. And also my forgetfulness. Oops. But we are back in business today!

First things first, Chelsey’s Quilt

So here we go…


I started by adding a curved line to the prints


Then I filled in with back and forth lines. A more fun filler could easily be done here, but back and forth lines are easy to draw, and get the point across. I want to pack this down, do that the area on the other side of the curve pops up.


Then some straight lines in the white areas. Depending how adventurous I was feeling, I might stick with blue thread on this white area. Usually I would switch to white (I like my thread to blend so you can’t see my mistakes) but I’ve been feeling adventurous lately.


And then throughout the whole quilt. If you’re like me and get bored we could switch up the filler in the around the curve on each fan.

I think the curved lines give the fans the illusion that they are spinning. Which I love.

A few people have gotten quilts finished from some previous Free Motion Friday posts!

Karen got her quilt finished:

You can see more pictures of her quilt here and the original Free Motion Friday post here.

And Debbie used my quilted Flying Geese tutorial on this quilt:

Photo 2015-01-07, 12 48 39 PM You can see more pictures of it on her Instagram page.
That’s it for this week! Remember, you can email me a picture of your quilt to be a part of Free Motion Friday! Email it to kathleen(at) It looks like my email might have been down for a bit during Christmas, but is back up and running now.

Later days,
Kathleen Riggins


2 responses to “Free Motion Friday – Chelsey’s Quilt

  1. Happy New Year and thank you thank thank you! I love the idea and will be working on it shortly. On another note, your designing is so cool. What program/app do you use to plan your quilting?

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