Angie’s Quilt


Angie sent me this beautiful quilt to quilt for her! It’s so lovely and fresh — it makes me almost believe that spring is maybe coming (and today’s temperatures are certainly helping — snow is melting all over the place, a week before my ski vacation). Plus, it is insanely well pieced.Every corner and curve matches perfect. It’s impressive.

P1040082I had so much fun doing feathers on this quilt. I know I’ve said it before, and so have a lot of other people, but man, quilting feathers is just so much fun. I might not quilt perfect even feathers, but I think they are fun and wonky, and, whatever, I have fun.


I got some new rulers at Quilt Con, and was excited to use some of them — I would have had a hard time ditching and echoing all those curves without them.

Next on the frame, Audrey brought me a quilt that she made for her daughters birthday — and I get to go feather crazy 😀

Later days!



8 responses to “Angie’s Quilt

  1. gorgeous work – I love how you played up that white space – it’s so pretty. What rulers did you get, and do you recommend them? It’s insane the selection of rulers out there.

  2. I like, I like. And I want to know which rulers you bought too. I want to get a set of rulers to start playing with but there are so many different options and it is hard to know which ones will work the best for me.

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