Technicolor Galaxy – Month Two

bom-2015-buttonAlyssa of and I have teamed up to provide some extra inspiration for quilting the Technicolor Galaxy quilt! Here we go with block two!

Walking-FootFirst up is a walking foot only block.  You’ll notice the straight lines in the background are in the middle of the strips rather than the ditch. Here’s the deal guys– stitching in the ditch, and actually staying in the ditch, is pretty much impossible. For me anyway. So, I stitch in the middle of the strip, which creates some extra interest, plus, no one can tell if it isn’t completely perfect.


In this block I added some free motion into the straight lines from the previous straight line block.


Next up… I sort of elongated the star point. After I drew on the feathers, I was like “Kathleen, you’re doing a lot of feathers here… what if people hate feathers?” and so did ribbon candy where I might have done feathers otherwise…. so do what you like 😀


here I tried to re-use some of the shapes I quilted in the center block to create some uniformity throughout the quilt. Plus, Seriously, obsessed with this 😀 Just sayin’

That’s it for me! See you next month! If you missed last month, find it here!

Later days,



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