Free Motion Friday – Amy’s Quilt



Amy posted a picture of her quilt on her  Instagram page asking if I or anyone else had ideas for quilting — she likes Angela Walters quilting, and her husband likes Krista Withers, and so she was looking for a design that combined the two. She sent me a digital picture of her quilt for me to play with:

QuiltAnd play I did. I think this is the post with the most pictures ever. So here we go.


I started by echoing a zig-zag in the negative space


And then echoing those lines.

quilt3Then some Angela Walters (or Rocky’s affectionate A-Dubs) dot-to-dot quilting


WIth more zig-zags and dot-to-dot


Filled with feathers. The open sections could easily be filled with whatever fill you like, swirls or pebbles or whatever it is you like — but this month I’m on a feather kick.


Then, I filled the outsize of the zig-zag with some Krista Withers straight lines.


Then some diamonds echoing in the middle, as well as more echo’s on the vertical zig-zags


Another zig-zag


With dot to dot on one side, and filed on the other — again, I used feathers due to my feather kick, but whatever fill you like here.


Then some diamonds again in the center


Which i would then fill with some sort of fill (pictured here with horrible squiggles. I got sick of drawing :D)

I would also stitch in the ditch around all the red parts, and probably fill the white behind them with a dense fill.

Remember, if you want to make my day and be a part of Free Motion Friday, email a picture of your quilt to kathleen(at), or tag me (@kathleenquilts) on instagram with the tag #freemotionfriday!

Later days!




6 responses to “Free Motion Friday – Amy’s Quilt

  1. Hi Kathleen:You are so very talented and your quilting is outstanding!  What software do you use to draw and “overlay” onto the pics of the quilts?Thank you,Barb

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