Technicolor Galaxy – Month 4


Alyssa of and I have teamed up to provide some extra inspiration for quilting the Technicolor Galaxy quilt! Here we go with block four!




My go-to geese filler is a dot-to dot. I think it works perfect in there.


And, depending on how much work I feel like doing, I can then go in and fill the dot-to-dot. I’d usually use the same design in each triangle, but I thought I’d draw out a few different ideas.  Or, random is always fun too 😀


Of course there is always plain straight lines too, if you really hate free motion.


Then, Kathleen’s Magic Shape, fill triangles awesome too.


Which, of course, I would then cover in feathers. I only drew them in the larger triangles– trying to get them to fit in the smaller triangles might be a nightmare, and besides, having the triangles quilted differently adds to the wonkiness of these triangles.


In the background, I’d start by echoing around the geese — I really want them to stand out, so I don’t want my background quilting to interfere.


The rest of the background, I could then fill with a free motion filler I like,


or I could just keep echoing the lines out.

See you next month!

Later days!


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