Karlee Porter Classes

At the beginning of May, mom and I took a class from Karlee Porter at Sparrow Studioz. We had so much fun!


The first day of the class we learned about the different shapes Karlee uses and then worked with a partner on a practice piece.


The first night Karlee had a trunk show– her quilts are so gorgeous. They literally gave my stomach butterflies.


The next morning we started on our own graffiti quilts! The first step was picking our threads,


Then starting our quilt! I had so much fun with this project! I worked hard all day to get it done, but I think it turned out spectacular.


Here is Karlee and I with my finished quilt. Karlee is just the best. We had some really great conversations, and some plans for some future projects 😀 Plus, she is just a really excellent teacher.


I hung my quilt up beside my longarm– unbound, as Karlee mentioned that she hates binding, and many of her samples were unbound. I figured it makes it more authentic 😀 Plus, less work for me. It’s such a smiley happy quilt to look at while I’m quilting.

IMG_1966And a close up of the finished quilt.

I had so much fun in Karlee’s class! It was one of the most fun classes I’ve taken, and it was so nice to come home with a finished quilt, rather than just another muslin sample.  Not to mention two days to play on the longarm 😀

Later days!



5 responses to “Karlee Porter Classes

  1. Beautiful wall hanging, uh I mean practice piece. I have trouble going from one design/motif to another, so I would love to take a class like this
    especially if it is fun..

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