Soulful Windows Quilt

I finished up my Etno quilt. For which I have some mad love.

     So a million pictures. Because let’s face it, that’s the best part.   

I had visions of… something that didn’t work in real life for this quilt. But I love how it turned out, so no regrets there.   

In other news, I registered for QuiltCon classes this morning! Pretty exciting stuff.     


You can buy your own quilt kit from our store Quilting From The Heart if you want to make one too! (And who wouldn’t?)

Anyway, that’s it for me. Later days!


5 responses to “Soulful Windows Quilt

  1. Wonderful quilting! Many thanks for posting all those photos so we can delight in your designs

  2. What a fantastic quilt and your quilting is wonderful. I notice that you have used several colours of thread. Do you change back and forth between colours as you advance the quilt or do you do one colour on the complete quilt then go back for the next colour and so on?

    • Hi Joy — usually I will change back and forth between colours. Particularly on my old machine, where advancing back and forth was much more difficult. On my new machine, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. On this quilt I changed back and forth for the top half and then advanced back and forth for the 2nd half.

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