Free Motion Friday – Shayna’s Quilt

Happy Friday!!!


Shayla is a domestic machine quilter, and was quite concerned that I show her something that she could achieve on her domestic machine… to which I say, pretty much everything I do you can do on a domestic, it just takes practice! Check out Linda from Flourishing Palms (who I met at QuiltCon!) who is a crazy ridiculous domestic machine quilter. Particularly the quilts in THIS POST.

So lets go!


I started with an X in each square. You could stop with this “X” or you could easily go in and fill in the X… some dot- to -tot, some echoing, maybe some different fills…  the real answer is I planned to do some dot-to-dot, but forgot to actually draw it 😀 Ooops.

2Then, in each of the grey squares, a different quilting design in each. Some ribbon candy, some loops, some circles, some swirls…whatever you like. If you’re using designs that have trouble going around corners, these grey squares actually have pieced corner stones– meaning you could easily make the main design go to the corner stone, then a different design in the corner stone.


Then, some spiral lines in the outer squares. On a domestic machine, you could easily put on your walking foot for perfectly even lines, but I’m way to lazy for that, so I’d do them free motion, and if they aren’t perfect, say I totally meant for that to happen. They’re organic lines. 😀

So that’s this week! Remember, if you want your quilt to be a part of FMF, send an email with a picture of your quilt top to Kathleen(at)

Later days!

Free Motion Friday is Sponsored by Sparrow Studioz and APQS Canada!

Free Motion Friday is Sponsored by Sparrow Studioz and APQS Canada!


4 responses to “Free Motion Friday – Shayna’s Quilt

  1. Thanks! Those are great ideas! I think I’ll use this as a skill builder, focusing on new designs in the grey borders (and using blending thread so I’m not too preoccupied about screwing up!). Spot on, per usual.

  2. Hi! I love what you are doing each Friday. Your quilting rocks! How do you do your drawing on the quilt pictures? What software do you use? thanks so much.

  3. Oh my, Kathleen! You’re way too generous with your praise, but I’m pleased as can be that you think so. Thank you very much! But as you might guess, I am my own worst critic, and am always striving to improve. Now I’m getting ready to tackle another biggie, that I hope to have accepted into QuiltCon. You know, there’s always something to aspire to. Thank YOU for being MY inspiration!

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