Technicolor Galaxy – Month Seven


Alyssa of and I have teamed up to provide some extra inspiration for quilting the Technicolor Galaxy quilt! Here we go with block seven! Which makes me official caught up. For a week or so anyway.




I started by echoing about 1/4″ around each flower, because we really want those flowers to “pop”.


And then I went in and did a simple continuous curve around the hexies. I think they are pretty awesome looking on hexies. Just sayin’.

3For the second set, I again echoed the flowers (though I changed the way I did the middle one, which I think make’s it look better – it is now sort of hiding in behind the two outer hexies. Then, in each hexie, I made an “X” except for the center hexie where I made 3 straight lines.


And then I filled the center with two different fills to make a “star” shape.

Hope one of these works for you! See you next month!

Later days


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