Jennifer’s Abstract Colourwheel Quilt


I had seen Jennifer’s Abstract Colour Wheel quilt on instagram, and completely fell in love with it. Like, completely. So when she sent it in for FMF,  my answer to how she should quilt it… oh please oh please oh please can’t I quilt it for you? 


And she said yes! Huzzah! I had just the most fun quilting this one. P1040462

Basically, here are a bunch of pictures. I’m going to talk about this quilt tomorrow as part of FMF, so stay tuned for that!P1040458 P1040460 P1040456 P1040454 P1040461

Later days!


7 responses to “Jennifer’s Abstract Colourwheel Quilt

  1. I honestly don’t even know what to say. Are you sick of me fawning and fangirl-ing all over you yet? I sure hope not because I’m just getting started. You are my quilting guru. Thank you for this. It is beyond anything I could have ever expected or hoped for. You’re the best.

  2. Beautiful quilting once again. I love how you do a variety of designs and they all seem to flow together as if they are one. I especially love the design in the last picture the soft green white striped row. Could I ask how you did it, I keep staring at it trying to figure it out.

  3. Great quilting – so much fun to play with a quilt that doesn’t have traditional blocks!! I’m working on one right now – definitely more of a challenge and I certainly am challenged, definitely not bored!!! When you blog about the quilting, please talk about the thread you used!!

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  5. I LOVE this! I really enjoy that your quilting has separated some of the sections but also grouped some of the strips together! The piecing is so fun, and your quilting just really made it shine!

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