Free Motion Friday – Molly’s Quilt

Happy Friday!!!

Today we have Molly’s Quilt


So here we go!!


I’m starting my marking in this great big circle. To do this, before I load my quilt onto my machine, or before you start quilting on a domestic, I would take a marking pen, a string, and a pin. Wrap on end of the string around the pen, and the other around the pin. Stick the pin into the center of the quilt (or where you want the center of the circle to be), then, keeping the string tight, use the string like a compass and draw your circle. Easy peasy.

My mom has a much better tutorial on her blog HERE. 


Then I’m going to start quilting, quilting in the circle I had marked, as well as a inner circle and two echoing lines on the outside of each circle.  While these lines are drawn over the star in the picture, in real life I would not quilt them over the star — I’d stop at the star to make it look like there was a ring sitting behind the star.

I feel like I said star to many times in that last paragraph.


Next, I’m going to fill in the circle with a fill — in this case I have chosen ribbon candy.

7Then I’m going to fill in the center of the circle, with something swirly.


Swirly on the inside, because I’m putting straight lines around the outside and want there to be a contrast.


Inside the star I have quilted in simple radiating straight lines from the corners.


And  straight lines in the triangles as well. Mostly likely I would leave the white behind the triangles unquilted, though if I didn’t like how that looked, I’d go in with something very dense, straight lines or tight loops, and really pack down that white space.

That’s it for this week!!! If you’d like your quilt to be a part of FMF, email a picture of it to kathleen(at) I love seeing pictures of everyone’s quilts, even if I don’t have time to feature all of them! Keep em coming!!!

Later days,

Free Motion Friday is Sponsored by Sparrow Studioz and APQS Canada!

Free Motion Friday is Sponsored by Sparrow Studioz and APQS Canada. I’m teaching there September 25 & 26 2015 — hope to see you then!


4 responses to “Free Motion Friday – Molly’s Quilt

  1. I always wonder how you do a large design like that big circle. Do you mark the lines before you start? I want to start looking at quilts as a whole like this and not just the smaller area that I’m working on at the moment. How you execute something like this? My machine is only 17″ so I feel like something like this wouldn’t be possible for me. Do you move around on the quilt and tackle different aspects at a time? For example, would you stitch in the ditch first then go back for the details (like that big circle and fills) later? Or, do you always start at one end and work to the other?

    • The big circle I would have to mark before it was loaded. I linked to my mom’s blog post where she describes in better detail how to do this. I used an 18″ machine for the first 2 years I longarmed (I only got a bigger one in April). I don’t usually stitch in the ditch first, mainly because I’d get so bored. I stitch in the ditch one little area I’m working on it, fill it, then go on to the next. Though really, it depends on my mood. I don’t tend to ever do the same thing twice 😀

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  3. I love the quilting design you came up with, it changes the star to so much more; when quilting designs are broken up and shown in little bits from the beginning it seems so doable (is that a word ?) I do think I will be able to do something like this (but I do need it broken up and shown as you do), love all your designs !

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