The Business of Longarm Quilting


I could talk for hours and hours and days and days about the business of longarm quilting. I mean seriously, you can ask many of my longarm friends– it’s just what I do. My mom and I especially could easily have a 3 day conversation about it. So I thought I’d funnel some of my… obsession… into a blog series. So, over the next several weeks I’ll be doing some posts about the business of longarm quilting… at least my take on it. So stay tuned!

Later days!


5 responses to “The Business of Longarm Quilting

  1. Looking forward to reading those posts. Hope you have some hints for when someone lives in an area saturated with machine quilters and all of them keeping prices at rock bottom. Including a local longarm dealer.

  2. hi Kathleen all the way from Tasmania. Awesome to read about your new blog of business long arming as I am just starting out and need all the advice i can get!!!. looking forward to getting to know you before we me in Adelaide next year…yippee!

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