Kathleen Goes to The Australian Machine Quilters Festival


Guys, I am so excited about this!

I’m going to be teaching at the Australian Machine Quilters Festival from August 25 – 28!!

It’s pretty exciting stuff. Like, seriously.

I’m teaching six different classes while I’m there! It’s going to be a pretty awesome time! You can see my list of classes HERE! Hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

I’m hoping to do some other teaching in Australia & New Zealand while I’m there, so stay tuned for that! Rocky’s going to be coming with me, so we’re super excited for not only teaching, but for a pretty stellar vacation.

Later days!


7 responses to “Kathleen Goes to The Australian Machine Quilters Festival

  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful opportunity. -and, lucky quilters who will take your classes. Would love that and perhaps you’ll teach in Manitoba in the near future!?

  2. I can completely understand your excitement about going to Australia and New Zealand. They’re both wonderful countries, and I have fond memories of numerous visits to Australia (once to NZ), and making quilting friends – and also teaching quilting. You’ll have an incredible trip, I’m sure. Enjoy making plans!

  3. I live in Adelaide and have been following your blog for a while, I’m looking forward to doing at least 2 of your classes at the AMQF. I’m sure you will enjoy your trip immensely.

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