Dad’s Tula Pink Diamond Wedding Ring

I’ve been taking it very easy when it comes to quilting lately. But I finally managed to finish a quilt! This is one my dad made! 


I had all sorts of fun working on it, when I actually worked 🙂 which wasn’t that much, which is why it took more than two weeks to finish. 

I had fun using my peacock feather border in contrasting thread. The pattern for this quilt called for appliqué, but dad ( and I for that matter) hate appliqué, so he skipped it, and I added some extra colour with the quilting.


Anyways, I’m feeling productive at the moment, so I’m gonna load the next quilt! Later days!



4 responses to “Dad’s Tula Pink Diamond Wedding Ring

  1. The quilt and quilting is exquisite!!! Oops, repeating Rebecca!! I adore lots of quilting and I’ve found that even with heavy quilting, the quilt is still soft, flexible and cuddly, depending on the batting I choose to use! You need to enter this quilt in many BIG shows!!

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