Gwen’s Modern Building Blocks

I quilted Gwen’s quilt last September as part of a marathon quilting spree preparing for travelling to Norway — I crammed two months of quilting into one month, so I was working like crazy to get everything done. And in the process, missed getting proper pictures or a blog post done about Gwen’s quilt.


This week however, Gwen took her own pictures! She posted this picture of the finished quilt on her Instagram page, so I was reminded that I needed to do a blog post!

I have a few pictures on my phone that I took while the quilt was on my frame.


I had a lot of fun quilting this one! I got to play with lots of different textures and shapes, and just… well, go to play!


I left some area’s less densely quilted so they would puff up and show better.

Anyways, thanks Gwen for reminding me about this quilt!

Later days!


3 responses to “Gwen’s Modern Building Blocks

  1. Oh, wow! Every single element of your quilting leaves me speechless. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.

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