More Eye Candy Quilts Quilts!


I finished up this quilt for Eye Candy Quilt this weekend!  I had so much fun quilting this one :D.

img_3885I started with some nice contrast between the straight lines and swirls.


Then added some onion peel with hot pink pin stripes.

P1040752I wanted on area to be different from the rest of the quilt, mainly because I was going to be way to bored otherwise. I went of this “box” shape, and inside the box is pinstripes, and outside swirls & straight lines. We had a hard time getting good pictures of this, but it was really fun to quilt. And I didn’t get bored 😀


I’ve got one more quilt to finish up before Market! I’ve got no more full quilting days, only evenings after work to get finished up, so wish me luck!

Later days!



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