Free Motion Friday – Flowy Fill

Free-Motion-FridayHappy Friday!!!!!!!!!!



Today we’re going to talk about this “flowy fill” that I used in the centre part of Pat’s quilt. It was a design that as I was quilting it, I was fairly scared that it was horrible. But once I got it off the frame, I quite liked.


I started by marking some random curvy lines. I wanted some to run into each other, some to not…  I marked these because I wanted the lines to flow into each other, and be reasonably even with each other. I’m certain you could do this design without the marking, but it made me feel more confident to mark them.


I stitched 3 lines on (or almost on) my first 2 marked lines. They are about 1/4″ apart from one another.


I filled the space between with my wave fill.

4I then switched my next line. I tried my very hardest to make it look line one line flowed into the other at the spot where they met. I didn’t a point to form here.


And then filled with wave fill again. I tried to alternate the direction of the slant of each line of wave fill.

That’s it for this week! If you’d like your quilt to be a part of FMF, email a picture of it to kathleen(at)

Later days!



Love FMF? Check out one of my classes at the Australian Machine Quilters Festival! Try “How Do I Quilt That” which is pretty much FMF in real life! See you there!


7 responses to “Free Motion Friday – Flowy Fill

  1. This is such a pretty design, Kathleen! I believe it’s one I could accomplish on my domestic machine too. Just got a new Janome 1600PQC yesterday, and I’m anxious to get quilting! Thank you for sharing.

  2. As always, I’m really happy to see all the steps involved to create that design. I need to do more quilt with large negative space, to try to “divide and conquer” that you do se elegantly.

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