Free Motion Friday – Night Sky Quilt Blocks


Happy Friday peeps! We’re doing things a little different today — I took step by step pictures of the quilt I’m working on right now! It’s a Night Sky Quilt (pattern by Jaybird Quilts)

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 50 34 AM

This is the unquilted block. I have already stitched in the ditch all around the outside of the star.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 50 46 AM

I’m starting here on my block,

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 51 10 AM

Then travelling through the ditch to this point.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 51 23 AM

Next, I used a 2.5″ circle template to stitch the curve through the point — trying to go from corner to corner.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 51 49 AM (1)

Then I echoed this line again with the circle template, and filled the inside with some loops.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 51 57 AM (1)

I travelled in the ditch to the center,

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 52 13 AM

Then all the way through the center of the star to the opposite point. Then I repeated the design in the point, the same as on the opposite side.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 53 04 AM

Then, I traveled through the ditch up the point of the star,

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 53 20 AM

And over to the next point. Then repeat all these steps until all six points are quilted.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 55 44 AM

Then I travel to the centre of the star.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 55 48 AM (1)

Using the lines on my ruler I aim for 1/2″ from the corner of the diamond, stopping 1/2″ from both sides of the diamond.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 56 10 AM

I then follow the edge of the diamond 1/2″ away from the piecing line, until I hit the black. I then travel 1/2″ down the diamond, and again quilt 1/2″ from my last quilting line, until I’m 1/2″ from the corner.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 56 17 AM (1)

Like this 😀

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 56 25 AM (1)

Then back to the center.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 56 43 AM

Then repeat on the other side of the diamond, and repeat in all six star points.

Photo 2016-06-16, 10 59 14 AM

And here is the finished block!

Thanks for stopping by! If you’d like your quilt to be a part of FMF, email a picture of your quilt to kathleen(at)

Later days!

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11 responses to “Free Motion Friday – Night Sky Quilt Blocks

  1. This is just wonderful, Kathleen! I love the effects you get with just a straight ruler. Looking at the classes you’ll be teaching at QuiltCon East, I think your students are going to learn a heck of a lot of good quilting information. Keep up the super work!

  2. Thanks for sharing your process with us. Love how the diamonds look with the lines crossing at the tips rather than individual diamonds.

  3. So excited to find your blog! And I just bought that ruler foot in Paducah!!! Will you be finishing the tutorial of Technicolor Galaxy now that the rest of the pattern has been published?

  4. Kathleen, what batting did you use and are you using the stitch regulator? What stitch length are you set as? I struggle with consistent stitches both regulated and not on my Millie. Thank you.

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