Kathleen goes to Australia!

I’m back from Australia!!! Guys, seriously, I had the best time. I can’t believe it is already done!

img_4483 img_4489

I got to take selfies with some awesome wildlife (and seriously, Koala’s are so much better in real life than I ever imagined)

img_4684 img_4719

I taught more than 25o students in Brisbane, Malanda, Cairns & Adelaide. And had so much fun doing it.

img_4673 img_4526

Saw beaches & desert & rainforest & sooo much more.

I had the most fun. A huge thanks to everyone who made it happen – Linda, Karen, Tonia, Jess, Helen & Tracey in particular. I still can’t believe the whole thing actually happened 😀

That’s it for today. I did finish a quilt last night, and if the sun ever comes back out I’ll take some pictures of it :D. I updated my teaching schedule — I’m teaching in Camrose, Edmonton & British Columbia this fall, so take a look and hopefully I’ll see you there!


5 responses to “Kathleen goes to Australia!

  1. Isn’t Australia the most fabulous country? I got to visit Sydney several times, and absolutely love it! Now, if you haven’t yet done so, be sure to read “In a Sunburnt Country” by Bill Bryson. You’ll have an appreciation for his perspective on Australia, written with delightful humor. So happy you got to go, and could share your talent with hundreds of quilters.

  2. Thank you so much for coming Kathleen, you were totally awesome!!! I hope we get another chance to work with you here.

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