Kathleen’s Collection Quilt

Guys. I spent this entire weekend working on my own quilt. I made the quilt top, then quilted it. It has been so long since I made just a random quilt for myself — it’s not a store sample, it’s not a teaching sample, not a blog hop, not an anything, just a quilt for me, because I could.

img_4856I made the collection quilt by Carolyn Friedlander.


It’s a pattern that I’ve admired for a long time, but have always been intimidated by the applique. Seriously guys, I don’t applique. Ever. This is certainly my most ambitious applique project ever.

img_4854The pattern is written for hand applique, but I was not up for that — I hate hand work even more than applique — so did all the applique by machine.


I had a lot of fun then using my rulers to quilt up the quilt after it was pieced. 98% off the quilt was pure ruler work, no free motion — there are just a couple areas of fill that used free motion.


All in all, this quilt was fairly out of my normal comfort zone — there was applique, the quilting is a bit different to what I would usually do, the colour pallet is not my usual… and, most differently, it’s all mine now 😀 Rocky and I are trying to decide where it should hang in our house.

That’s it for me! I promise Free Motion Friday is coming back soon. I know it’s been a while, but I haven’t forgotten about it, promise. Plus, I have 3 more quilts finished that need photo’s taken so they too can be blogged.

Later days!

PS: I’m teaching at Sparrow Studioz (Edmonton), Quilting From The Heart (Camrose) and Stitch and Bobbin (North Vancouver) over the next 5 weeks! Hopefully I’ll see you in one of my classes!


10 responses to “Kathleen’s Collection Quilt

  1. I have never seen this pattern before. I love this!!
    I agree with you…sometimes you have to do something for yourself! Bravo!

  2. Just gorgeous. Love the colours and love your quilting. I’m so inspired after doing your classes in Adelaide. Now just need to have a play.

  3. Absolutely beautiful work. It is so modern and the ruler work is so great. Thank you for letting us see it. You should be proud of your achievement.

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