Pétales Quilt

Guys, for the second weekend in a row, I made a quilt. Pieced & quilted and ready to go!


I wanted to make a sample using the Les Fleur’s Panel for Quilting From The Heart, plus I’ve been having major Orange Peel quilt lust lately, so I combined the two to make this quilt! Yay! This week’s goal is to write the tutorial…


I wanted the quilting over the panels to be nice and simple to make sure they were still readable.


Ghost orange peels 😀 I really wanted to be able to finish the quilting on this quilt in one day, so I knew that it had to be something reasonably simple or it wouldn’t get done.


I’ve been having fun working on some new projects 😀 I’ve got a pretty lax fall, so it’s been a nice change. I’ve got client quilts coming again soon though, so back to usual for a bit 😀

That’s it for me! I’m teaching at Sparrow Studioz later this week, and there are still a few spaces left! Hope to see you then!

Later days!
PS: I’m teaching at Quilting From The Heart (Camrose)and Stitch and Bobbin (North Vancouver) over the next 4 weeks! Hopefully I’ll see you in one of my classes!


6 responses to “Pétales Quilt

  1. Hi Kathleen! Love your work!!! Inspirational !!! thank you so much for sharing !!
    On another note, every time I open my blog to see posts by other bloggers, every other blog has a “postage stamp” photo beside their post, however, yours and your equally talented mother’s blog has an inordinately large photo!! yours seems to me to be close to A4 size!! I think your file size might be a tad off. D.

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