Free Motion Friday – Crazy Person’s Fill

Happy Friday!

Right now I’m teaching at Sparrow Studioz!!! As I’m writing this, there is still one space left in my Saturday class, “Quilting For The Crazy” so quickly register now, then come back and read this post 😀


Today we are going to do what I call my “Crazy Person’s Fill”. I call it this, because it broke my brain a bit, but I did all the hard work, so it shouldn’t break your brain nearly as much 😀


It starts with a grid (both marked and stitched) that is 2.5″-3″4

Then, stitch diagonal lines, hitting all the corners made by your grid. This will turn each grid square into 4 triangles.


Then, we go in and add lines that are 1/2″ from the grid line, in alternating triangles.


The, a simple back and forth line in the empty triangles.

That’s it for me! If you’d like your quilt to be a part of FMF, email a picture of it to kathleen(at)

Later days!

PS: I’m teaching at Stitch and Bobbin (North Vancouver) in October! Maybe I’ll see you there!


6 responses to “Free Motion Friday – Crazy Person’s Fill

  1. I love this design however I’m a bit confused by the directions. How did you accomplish the lines that are 1/2 inch from the grid line in the alternating triangles? Did you retrace some lines? Which ones? Would you mind drawing the direction to move from one grid to the next to help me understand?

  2. This looks amazing. Do you use any stencils for your base lines or do you create as you go with rulers, or maybe even pre Mark?
    Any plans for Ontario?

  3. I had hoped to come to your classes this weekend but am not able to as we are harvesting. Will you be having more soon?

  4. Fabulous design! I’d love to try this, Kathleen, but like others here I would like more information about how you worked those 1/2 inch lines in the alternating triangles. I can only think there is lots of thread burying or retracing your quilting – both of which would break my brain!

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