Free Motion Friday – Melissa’s Quilt



Happy Friday peeps!!! It’s Thanksgiving here this weekend, so I’ll be spending my weekend eating Turkey and trying to stay warm.

Today we have Melissa’s quilt.


It’s soooo pretty don’t you think? I love all those woven fabrics. The real answer, (as much as I hate to say it) is that not every quilt needs crazy-person quilting. On a quilt like this, I want simpler quilting so that the fabrics really shine.


So, to keep it simple, I’m going to stitch “X”‘s into each o f the colourful squares. This is a simple quilting pattern, but will really add some interesting texture while not taking away from the fabrics.


Then I’ve simply quilted a wavy line through the black squares.

That’s it for me! If you’d like your quilt to be a part of FMF, email a picture of it to

I’m teaching a Stitch & Bobbin in North Vancouver on October 17 & 18, so maybe I’ll see you then!

Later days!


3 responses to “Free Motion Friday – Melissa’s Quilt

  1. Oh I adore all of your quilting, Kathleen–it seems you always have the best ideas for quilting ANY top! And I LOVE Melissa´s woven fabrics, the pattern she used to show them off and your simplistic quilting to finish it all off beautifully! I hope that you or Melissa can tell us what line of fabrics that is, pretty please?! Every success, always happy quilting and hugs from Germany, Bobbi

  2. Thank you for the inspiration! Question: Do you start and stop all those times, or do you somehow make it continuous? If you start and stop lots, how do you secure your stitches? Thanks for any advice you might have.

  3. Super custom quilting would be lost in this lovely quilt. Your solution is perfect with the X and wavy lines. Would you connect the Xs with a little SID so you could go across the quilt doing half of the X then head back to complete the Xs? That is the way that makes sense to me as I would not be interested in tying off after each side of the X!! That would take forever!!!

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