Natalie’s Glacier Star Quilt and Endless Quilt

No Free Motion Friday today, but I do have pictures of quilts!

I quilted two quilts for Natalie a couple weeks ago, and am finally getting around to posting the pictures 😀 The lack of sun around here lately made taking pictures a bit tough, so excuse the indoor pictures.


The first was a Glacier Star. This is the second glacier star I’ve quilted, so it was fun to think of something new to do on this one.


Lately I’ve been obsessed with “C” shapes in triangle shapes. You can see it in behind the black spikes on this quilt.



The second one was this “Endless” quilt.


The bright colours on this one were lots of fun 😀


Some ghost flying geese around the border. I have to force myself not to put ghost geese on every single quilt that I ever quilt, so it’s nice when I allow myself to do them 😀


I ended up just stitching in the ditch (with invisible thread) inside these pieced stars. I didn’t want my quilting taking away from the intricate piecing on this quilt.


And here is the back 😀 It’s a pretty good back (I think).

That’s it for me!

Later days!


PS: Check out Kathleen Quilts LIVE! if you’ve ever wanted to take a class from me but I’m just too far away!


4 responses to “Natalie’s Glacier Star Quilt and Endless Quilt

  1. Beautiful!! Love the ghost geese…I have a quilt that is totally flying geese so I may be giving these a go on that one in the background!!

  2. Kathleen, I’ve admired you for so long now. I wonder if I might intrude into your life…as you are so knowledgeable about your machines.

    Can you please give me some information about a first long-arm or mid-arm quilting machine?

    My best friend wants one, and her husband asked me to help him find one. But I only know anything about them from you, so I feel comfortable asking your advice.

    Her birthday is early in Dec. Please help!!

    Thank you, Jean ________________________________

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