I swear, I still quilt.

Blog posts have been a bit unreliable lately. I basically decided that there is enough in my life, I don’t need to stress about a blog. So I don’t.

I’m quilting right now on a secret quilt 😦 It’s super awesome, but I can’t share pictures for more than a year! It’s torture.

I’ve been doing some piecing right now… I’m working on a Carkai / Quiltworx Sea Urchins  quilt, that got interrupted by this First of Infinity / Smitten quilt.

img_5415 img_5406 img_5411

I was just going to make one block, to see how I liked it… and one block quickly turned into 10, and now I mostly just want to get back to it.

I’ve been re-building our website at Quilting From The Heart since Christmas. Our old one died, which sucked, but turned out to be a blessing in disguise as our new one is WAY better, and we wouldn’t have done it if the old one hadn’t died. So check it out 😀 


Also at work, I’ve been doing a bunch of custom quilt kits… If there is a pattern you want to make, we’ll colour in the fabrics you like, make a fabric guide for you, and you’ll be able to make the quilt of your dreams 😀 I’ve done quite a few of them since our new website launched, and it is seriously the most fun. Check it out here. 

And, one last reminder, registrations are open for my next Kathleen Quilts LIVE! Class! This one has some of my most favourite designs, so be sure to check it out.

I’ll be back with more quilting eventually, promise!

Later days,


One response to “I swear, I still quilt.

  1. It’s okay to NOT share quilting all the time. What you’re making now is lovely, and it’s giving you joy, so why not talk about it? And I hope you don’t stop blogging. So many people have, now that Instagram has taken over. But it’s not always a nice place to be. I’m happy to keep blogging… going on nine years now. I have each year printed into a hardcover book, thinking that someday my grandchildren will find it interesting, or not! Ha.

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