Susan G’s Quilt

Susan made this Washington Medallion quilt (pattern by Sue Garman) and I got to quilt it!

It’s definitely more traditional than my usual style, and so it was fun to get to play with more traditional quilting designs – like feathers!


Guys, I love feathers. It was so great to have free reign to quilt as many feathers as I wanted on this quilt!

I don’t think I went too over board 😀



7 thread colours on this one!


Colours can be deceiving — I always end up using more thread colours than I think I will. If you’ve been to one of my trunk shows, you’ll know I’m forever saying that the longer I’ve quilted the quicker I am to change thread colour. And that definitely held true with this quilt!

That’s it for me! I’m off to QuiltCon on Tuesday, where I’m teaching 5 classes and taking 2! It’s going to be a bit of a crazy week, but I’m super excited. If you’re going to be there, please say hi!

Later days,

PS: Can’t make it to my QuiltCon classes? I’m teaching a lot of the same classes at Quilt Canada this June in Mississauga Ontario,  or take it in the comfort of your own home with Kathleen Quilts LIVE!


7 responses to “Susan G’s Quilt

  1. Such magnificent work! Your feathers are spectacular and I love how they puff up so beautifully. I’m wondering what batting you use to achieve this result?

  2. Beautiful quilt!!! So glad you got your feather fix…they are awesome!!! Have a blast at QuiltCon and I’ll have to send you a couple of pictures of 2 quilt tops I’m working on that were inspired by a quilt someone sent you to give them hints on how to quilt it!!

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